The Real Review

The Real Review - Grace

Grace S.
Online Shopper

Cork, Ireland

How was the quality, how does it compare to your usual gear?
Quality was great… Honestly.. really soft on the skin and doesn’t rip like normal ‘tights’ material! I previously bought stuff from Ann Summers before and found that any tip of a fingernail or a bent the wrong way damaged it, and they wore quite easy! However The stuff I bought from SPECIAL CURVES made me really impressed. Haven’t had them long but made real good use of them and still good as new.

What about fitting?
They fit great.. and hug really well, but I was still able to move, they’ve got a great stretch too only thing for me was the length of the legs.. I’m 5’4 so the stocking was quite long but that’s all.. wish I was a few inches taller! lol

Have you had time to do a wash…. has it kept shape & colour?
Yes I have washed it, colour has stayed perfect. The exact same! I haven’t tried it back on since I’ve washed it so unsure as if the size has kept up! I definatly can see the difference between Special Curves Lingerie and the ebay stuff that only lasts one good session. Cant wait to buy again sometime