Find time for a ‘lil romance.

They say the picture of perfection is by definition almost impossible to attain and you know what I’m talking about. Successful career, immaculate ‘mortgaged’ home, body sculpted by Greek gods, and of course the loving ever-lasting marriage.  The stuff you read about on ‘other’ peoples Facebook feeds.



The question is how can you help yourself? I cant remember what film I heard  this quote from “Life moves pretty fast, it you don’t stop and take a look around once in a while you could miss it”.  This is true when having to juggle a happy sustainable relationship and a busy diary.


There has been a study and psychologist concluded that couples have 20-22 good positive interaction to every bad one lisinopril generic.  Does this sound like you? think about how many times you communicate with your partner before an argument or some negativity ensues.

Forward Thinking


1376dc7Most things we do happens in auto-pilot mode, that is to say it is done regularly and becomes second nature.  Their is no reason why you should not plan ahead dates and schedule romantic nights in or out way in advance, or go even further as to pencil a particular day each week or month for an event.  No different to paying your bills!! Once you establish a routine why not play around with it a little. Change dates, change activity. As long as you view your activity as important other ‘need to do’ events in your life you will avoid finding yourself out of touch. Things to try



  • Going to a concert




  • Staying at bed and breakfast far from home




  • Visiting a spa




  • Day break




  • Package activity like helicopter ride or track racing




  • Even at home with candle lights, covered in chocolate and a few choice Adult Toys



These days with smartphones you can share diary events so once you have discussed what to do you can always forward details straight into your partners calendar with reminders up to the big day. Once you both discover how to use this fantastic feature you can always send surprises.

Make Time for Small Luxuries


Romantic nights don’t have to be fanfare occasion and their is nothing wrong with planning that night at home doing ‘that thing’ you both love to do. Message your partner sometime during that day to tell them how much you love and miss them and really build up the excitement about your date night. Light some scented candles, alternatively bunch of lavender or order some  fresh flowers arranged in the main room. Put on some cool music , spread a blanket on your bedroom floor, and have a wine, chocolate and cheese picnic after the kids are in bed. It might seem goofy, but the change of routine will spark some conversation and refresh your flagging spirits for the rest of the week.

Sweat Together


According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise boosts energy and improves mood. Want a little extra motivation to get moving? Nab your spouse as your new biking buddy. You will both be invested in the results, plus conquering a new health goal will strengthen your bond and provide something concrete to brag about your spouse at his next work party.

Turn off Work


Turn off your work, literally. Establish a specific space and business hours for yourself with a clear start and end. After 6pm, for example, shutdown your computer and leave your home office regardless of the email barrage filling your inbox. Shut the door and start the home part of your day. Set your phone to notify you of new messages only from your personal accounts. After the kids are in bed, shut down all electronic devices and just talk with your spouse for 30 minutes. Catch up on work news. Compare calendars and get on the same page about your upcoming obligations. Dream about your next vacation. Read the newspaper together. This daily, focused time together doesn’t take much work and it will have huge payoffs in the long run.


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